Presentation Guidelines

#NanoSeries2024 Presentation Guidelines


The official Language of the conference is English. Unfortunately, translation and interpreting services will not be available.

  • Keynote Presentation: The Keynote speaker will have "25" minutes to present their results, followed by a 5-minute discussion period.
  • Senior Invited Talks: The presenting author will have "22" minutes to present their results, followed by a 3-minute discussion period.
  • Senior Oral Presentation: The presenting author will be allocated "17" minutes to present their results, followed by a 3-minute discussion period.
  • Student/ECR Oral Presentation: The presenting author will be given 13 minutes to present their results, followed by a 2-minute discussion period.
  • Adherence to Time Limits: Presenting authors are expected to adhere to the designated time limits.
  • Presentation Files: Speakers should have their presentations saved on a USB memory stick. Additionally, it is recommended to email a copy of the presentations to organizers as a backup. Please prepare the presentation in PPT files; PDF is not recommended.
  • AV Setup: A basic AV setup will be provided, including a laser pointer, cordless microphone, desktop microphone, and sound system.
  • Videos in Presentations: If your presentation files contain videos, ensure they are well-formatted and connected to the main files. You may check your slides during breaks.
  • Projector Information: Projectors are equipped with standard VGA connection ports. Mac users should bring their own adapter cords.
  • Agenda Confirmation: Re-check the final agenda after receiving a notification from the organizers before the conference to confirm if any changes have been made to your session.
  • Q&A Handling: Conference volunteers will move the microphone during Q&A. Audiences with questions may raise their hand to receive the mic.
  • Unanswered Questions: Any unanswered questions can be posted by filling out the NanoSeries Questionnaire form, accessible by scanning the QR Code placed in the program book.


  • Poster Size: The maximum poster size allowed is A0: 84.1 cm x 118.9 cm (33.1 inches x 46.8 inches).
  • Attachment Method: Push pins for attaching the poster to the board will be provided.
  • Poster Placement: Poster presenters will be directed to the designated board at the beginning of the poster session.
  • Presenter Presence: Authors must be present during the selected poster session times to provide details and answer questions.
  • Poster Header: Ensure that the paper title and all authors are presented at the top of the poster.
  • Content Structure: While there is no set format, posters typically include a brief introduction, experimental results, conclusions, and references.
  • Design Considerations: Use easily readable fonts and avoid pairing red and green elements to assist those with red-green color-blindness.
  • Poster Removal: Presenters must remove their posters after the Day 1 poster session. We assume no responsibility for posters left behind.